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You should probably mail Nevrona and ask them.


Following is an announcement from the RPPro List - subscribing to it for a
while may also give you a user perspective, and an idea of how well Jim
Gunkel supports his product.


Hello Nevrona Designers,

ReportPrinter Pro 3.0C Build update
Many of you have been asking about the status of the 3.0C build which has
been over due for a while.  We're just about finished and are in the final
beta cycle on it so it should be posted by Wed or Thur of this week.  This
will include several enhancements and bug fixes as well as C++Builder 4.0


We have also cleared the old subscriber info from the RPPro mailing list
and it is now ready for you to resubscribe.  So if you want to participate
in discussions, ask questions or provide helpful hints about ReportPrinter
Pro 3.0 to other users, you will need to rejoin the RPPro mailing list by
sending an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the following text in the
body (not the subject):


(e.g. If you email address was [EMAIL PROTECTED], you would put the
line "subscribe [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]" in the body of a
message addressed to [EMAIL PROTECTED])

We apologize for the problems we have been having with the mailing list the
past few months, but we'll be keeping a daily backup of the subscribers to
the new list and if the duplicate messages problem occurs again, we'll know
who to blame by looking at the most recent subscribers <g>.  Thanks for
your support and we'll have a couple of more announcements showing up on
this mailing list in the next few days.  Thanks,

Jim Gunkel
Nevrona Designs
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    New Zealand Delphi Users group - Delphi List - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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