The problem is that you are trying to insert into the same table that you
are selecting from. CAST works OK in Local SQL but not inserting back into
a table - you can imagine a scenario where, without a WHERE clause - as id
the case with the SQL below the insert becomes an infinite loop.


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Mark Derricutt wrote:

> Unfortunately I get "Type Mismatch in Expression", I assume this is
> possibly due to attempting to hardcode the value of ConfigurationID.  If
> I run the SELECT portion on its own it works ok, but returns 1 as 1.0

Ok, looking in my "SQL for Dummies" book I found I can get around this

INSERT INTO CalcMethod ( ConfigurationID, Object, Attribute, Method,
Description )
         SELECT CAST(1 AS INTEGER), Object, Attribute, Method, Description FROM

and casting 1 to an INTEGER.  Works fine when I just do the SELECT, so I
know LocalSQL/Paradox lets me do CASTing, but when I try the INSERT INTO
I now get "Capability not supported".  Does LocalSQL not allow me to use
INSERT INTO and SELECT in the same query?


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