> Not very amusing if as it seems (cf Lazarus) the Open Source movement
> considers it fair game to copy commercial products.

Well, most of the dependency walker source code has been published (C source
code) by Microsoft and articles on it have appeared in MSJ (Thanks to Matt
Pietrek, who wrote the original utility)
Check out this link:

and this link:

The Dependency walker that Microsoft publishes isn't commercial - they've
given out the source, with many articles in MSJ, and with no GPL or MPL
bound to it. Now that's what I call open source - no restrictions :)

I don't think it's unfair to port that published C code to Delphi and even
sell such a tool, let alone make it open source. In fact, I've taken some of
the MSJ source code and made a tool out of it - check out "GenPal" in the
freeware section of my home page.

Deepak Shenoy
Agni Software

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> > Nice Link - and it does link up with DLLs (shell extension) too!
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> > Check out: http://www.volweb.cz/pvones/delphi/
> >
> > There's a full (open source) implementation of Dependency Walker
> > in Delphi -
> > and other really nice stuff.
> >
> > Deepak Shenoy
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