We have just noticed a strange behaviour recently, which I couldn't figure
out how to resolve.  The issue could have been there all the time, just we
didn't used the sequence before.
We have an application, uses ADO to connect to SQL Server database.
Components used include TADOQuery, TADOStoreProcedure etc.  It all works
Then we have a form which contains among other things, a TWebBrowser and a
'Print' button.  On click event of the Print button, we call:
  WebBrowser_Help.ExecWB(OLECMDID_PRINT, 1);

Which will bring up printing dialog and print the contents of the
TWebBrowser component.
The strange thing is that after the Print button clicked, subsequent access
to database via ADO components all failed with Exception.  The following is
a sample exception message:
Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in
conflict with one another
I have tried to close ADOConnection, reopen etc, the database access still
doesn't success.
Anyone knows how to fix this issue?
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