Well turns out this is pretty easy to fix. As mentioned above, deluge is 
still parsing all 4 proxy settings and setting the blank ones, which 
overwrites the actual proxy you set.

This can be changed directly in the Python script with a one-line change.

In my installation (raspberry pi, with deluged version 1.3.10-3+deb8u1) you 
can find the line to modify per below.

Note I haven't tried installing the latest version (1.3.15) from source, I 
merely hacked the installed 1.3.10 package and it worked for me.

$ grep -nA1 "setting .* proxy settings" 
482:                log.debug("setting %s proxy settings", k)
483-                getattr(self.session, "set_%s_proxy" % 

Then just edit this file:

sudo nano /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/deluge/core/preferencesmanager.py

Type Ctrl+_ then 482 to go to the line 482 (change per grep output if yours 

Then, change lines 482 & 483 like this (add the if statement above line 
482, then indent by 4 spaces the two lines following - this is important, 
Python is indentation sensitive)

            if len(proxy_settings.hostname) > 0:
                log.debug("setting %s proxy settings", k)
                getattr(self.session, "set_%s_proxy" % k)(proxy_settings)

Only the first line (the "if") is new, the rest you just indent them 4 
spaces to the right

Then kill and restart the deluge daemon, and voila, proxy settings now work.

You can verify using the torrent IP checkers like this one:

On Friday, 4 August 2017 06:53:07 UTC-4, Deluge wrote:
> #2149: deluge ignoring proxy settings
> -------------------------+----------------------
>   Reporter:  rm          |      Owner:
>       Type:  bug         |     Status:  reopened
>   Priority:  critical    |  Milestone:  1.3.14
>  Component:  libtorrent  |    Version:  1.3.5
> Resolution:              |   Keywords:  proxy
> -------------------------+----------------------
> Comment (by dg7dg):
>  Let us be honest here :) This bug has been open for five years. It's not a
>  stretch to say that you cannot trust Deluge with your privacy, now or in
>  the future.
>  Under no circumstances I blame the developers for not fixing the bug. I do
>  blame them for offering a no-working feature for five years.
> --
> Ticket URL: <http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/ticket/2149#comment:34>
> Deluge <http://deluge-torrent.org/>
> Deluge Project

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