#2149: deluge ignoring proxy settings
  Reporter:  rm          |      Owner:
      Type:  bug         |     Status:  reopened
  Priority:  critical    |  Milestone:  1.3.14
 Component:  libtorrent  |    Version:  1.3.5
Resolution:              |   Keywords:  proxy

Comment (by whereupon):

 I am using 1.3.15 on windows 10 (pro, x64).  I use SOCKS5 with
 authentication.  "all preferences" not reset on next launch.

 If I change the ip address first octet to 255, pause torrent, restart,
 there is no traffic as expected. Worryingly there is no popup error shown.
 Tracker status has an error, "socket operation was attempted to an
 unreachable network"

 Restoring the correct address BUT also entering improper credentials does
 not resume data as expected.  Again only pause restart updates the tracker
 error message, "error SOCKS authentication error"

 Restoring correct credentials does not resume data until torrent paused
 and resumed.

 Aside from requisite pause/restart this is the expected behavior.


 Similar testing done with qBitTorrent as suggested in this thread 7 years

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