I've achieved almost all what I wanted to up to now (more or less, but there are details to fix, add, etc). But now I'm wondering how to implement an "easy-to-use" voting interface (and above all "easy-to-understand"!).

One possibility, of course, is to use the current Demexp method (a two-column list with the possibility to move up/down the responses to order them). But I'm trying to think about a somewhat simpler way to do this (were there any reflexions about it before). If I do not find a better way until the end of the week, then I'll start to implement the current method.

I'll upadte the web client screenshots soon.

I've also had some replies from "mod python" forum about the way to manage the data (number of connexions to the server). I'll look into the "session" feature of mod python.

        Regards, Lyu

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