Hi Lyu,

Thank you for your progress report, that seems very promising!!

2007/10/23, Lyu Abe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> One possibility, of course, is to use the current Demexp method (a
> two-column list with the possibility to move up/down the responses to
> order them).

This approach is pretty simple, isn't it?

> But I'm trying to think about a somewhat simpler way to do
> this (were there any reflexions about it before).

I don't think we had thought on that part.

Maybe you can consider to have a single list with a kind of "bin" for
non-chosen answers at the bottom. I'm not sure it would be more

Please also note that Condorcet voting allows to rank several options
at the same level (choice A: 1; choices B & C: 2; choices D: 3). The
current two lists interface does not allow that.

> I've also had some replies from "mod python" forum about the way to
> manage the data (number of connexions to the server). I'll look into the
> "session" feature of mod python.

Ok. But do not invest too much time in this. If your work is
integrated at some point in a general framework, we might need to
change this part.

But if you have some running code, we could put it online pretty quickly. ;-)

Best wishes,

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