On Wed, 2016-11-30 at 23:45 -0800, Donald J. Stewart wrote:
> For some reason accidentals will not print in Denemo Print View.
the Command Center search for accidental style yields:

Command: Accidental Style
Choose the style for typesetting accidentals. Determines whether or not
an accidental is printed in particular circumstances (such as repeated
notes in different measures, octaves, voices etc).
Location: ObjectMenu->Score->Typesetter
Internal Name: AccidentalStyle
> I've entered accidentals in the Denemo Editor, but they don't show up in 
> Print View...

The Denemo Display/Edit window has its own accidental style - there is a
bug report out for the fact that it does not quite correspond with the
LilyPond default style.
The Object Editor (double-click the note) will tell you the
ground-truth, i.e. what the note *is*, in absolute terms. How it is
displayed and typeset will depend on the context - there is a command to
force display of the accidental.


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