On Thu, 2016-12-01 at 01:54 -0800, Donald J. Stewart wrote:
> In hindsight, I should have mastered Frescobaldi editing a bit more,
> and 
> used Denemo to finish most of the score,

The other way round I think. You can enter the music using Denemo, and
then, if you need to do a lot of alterations to the LilyPond syntax you
could export it as LilyPond and edit that with Frescobaldi.

Import back into Denemo from LilyPond is only useful for getting the raw
notes, i.e. in the very initial stage of entering the music before any
editing. I had occasion to do this just recently for a file that had
been published as LilyPond syntax. I loaded the LilyPond file into
Frescobaldi and copied the notes to the system clipboard (Ctrl-C in
Frescobaldi) and then used Denemo's Edit->Paste LilyPond Notes to enter
them into a staff in Denemo.

Once in Denemo I could apply all my familiar editing methods to place
the figured bass as I like to read it, without having to look up the
appropriate LilyPond syntax. Basically, Denemo operates as a repository
for all the bits of LilyPond syntax that I need, arranged so I can
insert it easily.


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