On Sat, 2018-02-03 at 17:44 -0500, Bric wrote:
> Getting my shortcuts to work is the most critical of the above, for
> me.
Carrying over your shortcuts from one O/S to another is something I
never envisaged. There is, in fact, a good mechanism for storing
shortcuts not in those XML files (like Default.shortcuts) but as Scheme
scripts - that is, there is a command AddKeybinding which allows you to
set a shortcut at runtime. You can see these in action in the scripts
for the menu Input->PC Keyboard which change the keyboard shortcuts to
other layouts. There you will see things like

(d-AddKeybinding "Set0" "0")

which makes the "0" key activate the Denemo command Set0.

It would be good if this approach were used everywhere in Denemo and
use of the Default.shortcuts file were replaced by a script. No holding
of breath though...


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