On Thu, 2018-03-08 at 13:30 -0600, Jeremiah Benham wrote:
> Maybe you can help me here. I am not too familiar with scripting in
> windows. I now see what I needed to do to get things to work in os x.
> We can apply the same things in windows. I have attached two scripts.
> The first one is the denemo.sh that sets the environment needed for
> os x to launch denemo. I also realize that lilypond is a script that
> I edited. It may have been a script to begin with. I don't know.
> Anyway this needs to be translated for a windows shell so we can do
> the same or similar thing. This could be tested with the current
> build if we create a script to launch lilypond then have denemo
> launch the script. I don't know how to do stdin on a windows script.
> I found this and assume that it is close:

I didn't make much progress with setting environment variables (*) but
I did make good progress. In the zip file you have LilyPond and Denemo
as two separate hierarchies of /usr directories. I merged them into one
set and the result was that Denemo now runs LilyPond successfully - I
didn't tinker with any environment variables, and it works with just
setting Edit->Change Preferences->LilyPond to just "lilypond" without
any indication of the path (it works with the full path too).

Essentially I merged the /bin /etc /share /lib files in the denemo
directory with those in the denemo/LilyPond/usr directory(**). The
other way round (with the LilyPond ones overwriting ones in the denemo
directory resulted in Denemo crashing on startup).

I've only found one(***) thing not working so far: the Gtk icons for
the toolbar are not loaded, nor those for the window decorations (ie
the minimize, restore and x for quit in the corner of the window). The
error message on startup is that:
        "... icon 'window-minimize-symbolic-ltr' is not found. The
'hicolor' theme is not found either ..."

It suggests getting the hicolor theme from https://icon-theme.freedeskt
 - that is a unix package ...

It does look like you are very close. Below are some details, in case
they are useful. Let me know if I can do anything more.

(*) Trying to set environment variable GS_LIB following the example for
osx ran into the problem that that expected ghostscript 9.19 while the
denemo package has ghostscript 8.71, and
doesn't exist on 8.71. I wasn't sure that a setting in Denemo.bat was
going to survive into the environment of the launched program, but I
didn't look into that further.
(**)To be precise, I first did a cp -r on the LilyPond/usr directory to
a copy of the denemo directory, thus overwriting any files of the same
name in denemo/bin,lib,etc,share and that cause Denemo to crash on
launching Denemo.bat. So then I did a cp -r of denemo/bin,lib,etc.share
 onto that copy, thus overwriting any common files that had come from
the LilyPond/usr set.
(***) Well, there is one other thing - pressing the key "a" on the
keyboard causes Gdk to see "aacute", that is, it has some wrong locale
for the keyboard - most keypresses are ok. This is on an ancient Vista
laptop, it works ok on wine.

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