Hello fkalim,
hello Rick,

just saw your discussion here and I guess the problem is maybe - without having 
tested it - that you have to use the full qualified name oft the class 
including the package name.
Just by specifying the JAR and the class-name Derby / the class-loader 
shouldn't be able to find the right class as the JAR might contain classes 
having the same name in different packages.

"Try the following (assuming that TestListener lives in the root of the package 
So the point Rick already mentioned maybe be the vital point here: Maybe your 
TestListener isn't in the root (means you haven't any packages at all?).
Let's say your TestListener in the package my.project use 
my.project.TestListener instead.

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Thanks! I tried that first and got the following error. It was only after that 
that I went down this path of trying to set derby.database.classpath.
Any ideas would be great!

NEW AS newTable FOR EACH ROW CALL extract_keyword(newTable.test) ]; No method 
was found that matched the method call 
TestListener.capitalize(java.lang.String), tried all combinations of object and 
primitive types and any possible type conversion for any  parameters the method 
call may have. The method might exist but it is not public and/or static, or 
the parameter types are not method invocation convertible or the 
derby.database.classpath property is missing or incorrectly defined.

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