You could solve this problem with a custom character collation. See

If you don't need to sort the embedded numbers, then the simplest solution is to create a database which uses a case-insensitive sort order. See

If you need to sort the embedded numbers too, then you have to supply a custom collator. See It's hard to imagine that you are the first person who needs the sort order you have described. Maybe a little googling will discover that someone has open-sourced a collator which does the right thing. If you can't find one but you end up writing your own, please consider open-sourcing it.

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On 8/20/21 6:02 AM, John English wrote:
Is there any way to ORDER BY case-insensitively if you don't know the column type?

I have a method in a webapp which displays tables with clickable column headings which sort by the clicked-on column. I give it a table/view name and a list of column names, and it does the rest. The method is completely general and knows nothing about what it is displaying.

My problem is that I want to sort case insensitively. I can of course modify the method to generate ORDER BY UPPER(x) instead of ORDER BY x, which will work for text columns, but for numberical columns I will end up sorting textually: values 1,2,10 will be sorted as 1,10,2.

Any ideas?
John English

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