Le 2011-02-28 15:31, Christoph Noack a écrit :
Hi Paulo, all!

Paulo, thanks for the wallpaper source files! Since they are so
"precious", I've created a small page for all our wallpaper development
work. It closely relates to the Marketing Wallpaper page, but ...
       * Marketing wiki -->  official download for "end-users"
       * Design wiki -->  development work, documentation and source files

So here is the new page:

Linked from within:

If there is general agreement that this might be helpful, I'll ask on
the Marketing list (maybe people are listening here as well) to refer to
our new page.


Hi Christoph

This is great! In fact, if you just inform the marketing team of new available wallpapers on the wiki we will update our wiki. But, yes, if you feel like it, feel free to update our wiki page with any new wallpaper sets.

Our marketing wallpaper pages will also be visited by regular users for download purposes. So, it is good that they not see anything that is not approved by the design team. It would be good if the approval process were a little more streamlined. It is often difficult to figure out what has been approved and what is not approved. If this were made more clearly on the design pages it would really help. The marketing team should not be using designs that have not been approved by the design team.



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