Hi Christoph!

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Hi Paulo, hi Bernhard, all!
One thing that might be helpful is to have a look at the icon theme and
the source data itself. Should be available here:
Thank you very much for this link! I did a quick search for the tango source, but had no sucess. But when I had a look at these Tango icons, I saw they are sight different from "our" Tango icons.

A sample:

The shadow is different on each one, then right now I'm making two correct "shadow version".

I'm a bit tired at the moment (not because of you, but because it is
already very late here ...), so it might be wrong what I state.

As far as I understand, the bigger icons in LibreOffice are 26px large.
Since LibreOffice can be used on different platform, we don't always
conform to the standards on the target platforms ... thus, when using
LibreOffice together with the Tango icons, I think they added 2px to
fill the remaining space.

Galaxy states 26px icons "large size":

Gnome states 24px icons for the toolbars:
Thank you for make it clear. ;-)

Oh, the developers just changed it to the Tango icon set - but (as far
as I know) the Galaxy set is still shipped and therefore might also need
some icons. However, we might not need to be perfect in any case ;-)

And concerning your great icon comparison [1] - some personal comments:
Proposals 1 and 3 are close to perfect! The only minor proposal is to
make the shadows a bit more subtle ... I cannot really say why, it is
just the first impression every time I look at those.
You did a good point! After I saw the source file of Tango icons, I finally achieved the "right" shadow.

Here it's another comparison between the old and new Tango icons (from your linked source file and LibreOffice's version) and the Galaxy icons.

The final SVG file with these 3 versions together: http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/File:Toolbar-Mimetype-Icons.svg (force reload)

Well done, Paulo! Thanks for your work ... seems that we need to ship
them soon ;-)
Thank you Christoph! :-D

Although your recent blog posting asked for some more feedback, I think
it's better to get some sleep ... and come back with a fresh mind.
Blogging (or just writing) is the best way to organize my ideas and avoid to forget issues, like I did with the status bar icons...

Good night,
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