Thank you all so much for your warm replies :-)

So, let's go for my comments :

I really like the idea of cube/hexagon from K-J. Because cube = 6 faces, and it's the version 6 of LibreOffice ;-)

For the dice, it maybe a little bit touchy. It's great because it's playfull. But here in France we say that dices are part of "jeux de hasard"; in english "games of chance", but "hasard" can have a negatif meaning here.

Styling : I really like the drawing by K-J. Maybe can we try some others styles ? For examples : - 3-colors : the main LO green color + grey + white. It could improve the consistency with others LO visual materials
- maybe inserting some triangles like in this picture, to boost the global branding :
- maybe trying the draw with only lines, no fullfilment ?
- why not playing with geometry and do some impossible figure, like the Escher cube (the picture bellow is just for the concept, not the style) :
Meaning : "With LibreOffice, we can do all and the impossible tasks" ;-)

Do you think I can make some tries from the concept by K-J or it's rude to do so ? I don't know the customs here but wouls like to respect them.



Le 10/08/2017 à 08:34, K-J LibreOffice a écrit :
Hi Line,
Am 09.08.2017 um 18:00 schrieb Line:
Hi dear LibreOffice team,

I'm newbie on this mailing-list, and I don't know if I'm allowed to tell my humble opinion.

Yes of course.

First of all, a big sorry for my english, I'm French (the best argument ever ;-))

My German's English isn't better.

Second, a big Thanks to all of you for your contribution to make LibreOffice better.

I'm graphic designer (speciallity webdesign) and I've got a suggestion to share, based on the nice work done by K-J.

It would be good if you share your thoughts and suggestions. I have learned many here in project by the others' comments, thoughts, suggestions and improvements. And getting advices from a professional is much more worth to listen.

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