On 08.04.2018 15:20, Regina Henschel wrote:
> We plan to keep the layer of the objects, if copy&paste happens on the same 
> page, see https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33170#c2

Doubt that an internal object identification by name is a good idea. You have 
to suppress identical naming and on paste you add a number (Foo1). But that's 
up to development. From the user perspective I don't care.
> We need advise, what should happen, if an object is copy&pasted into a 
> different page of the same document. In the end of the project it will be 
> possible, that pages of a document may have different layer-sets. Similar 
> problem isĀ  pasting into a different document. Possible actions e.g.
> a) paste all into the active layer
> b) paste objects into that layer, which has the same name, and on the active 
> layer in case no such layer exists
> c) paste objects into that layer, which has the same name, and generate a new 
> layer in case no such layer exists.
> d) others?

As an example

Page 1
 Layer "Foo"
Page 2
 Default layer

If you copy/move Shape_1 from Layer_Foo to Page 2 it should affect only this 
object, and Shape_1 is placed on the default layer. If the user copy/pastes a 
group, all objects are taken. And we need a separate function for the layer. So 
copying Layer_Bar into page 2 adds it likewise when creating a new layer and 
pasting just all objects from Layer_Bar. Differently to the ctrl+a,ctrl+c/x 
interaction, I would include all hidden elements too for the layer copy action..


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