We have a final script (at least to the point that we are treating it
final for moving to the next stage, but probably indeed final):

1. Things like software, music, journalism, and research *can* be public
goods, freely used and shared by *everyone*.

2. But instead, publishers typically add restrictions in order to secure

3. Meanwhile, projects releasing their work under free and open terms

4. To build the widespread cooperation needed to solve this dilemma, we
developed a new fundraising method: crowdmatching.

5. You support a project by pledging to give a monthly donation of 1
cent for every 10 patrons who give with you.

6. In other words, a dollar per 1000 patrons. So, 5,000 patrons give 5
dollars each, bringing a project's monthly income to 25,000 dollars!

7. Pledges stay active as long as they fit within your overall budget
for the system.

8. Join Snowdrift.coop today, and help clear the path to a free and open


And here's some preliminary thoughts to get the ball rolling on

1. showing some symbols for music, code, writings getting copied rapidly
and seen by tons of people (a la the end of Copying Is Not Theft)?

2. I *really* want this line to show *both* some form of lock or paywall
AND some obnoxious BUY NOW! type ad covering the music or writings. The
key thing is to include ads, not only paywalls. It should be easy to
just show a few things getting covered with some mix of locks and ads etc.

3. Not sure…
4. not sure…
5. clearly some visual of penny per 10 patrons
6. show animation of quadratic growth, square with patrons increasing
horizontally, donation per patron increasing vertically
7. maybe Michael's idea of visualizing multiple projects fitting in a
box, could stay vague by not showing the over-budget scenario or hint at
the process by indicating a situation in which a project that grows
larger than the box turns greyed-out
8. Hinting at the snowdrift dilemma by showing a snowdrift blocking a
path and showing characters shoveling the snow with more and more
characters showing up with shovels to come help.

These are all just thoughts and suggestions for the most part, looking
forward to seeing others' ideas.

Aaron Wolf
co-founder, Snowdrift.coop

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