In response to the last comment...
1.  Run this command:

   gsettings list-recursively > settings.txt

   and attach the resulting text file here.

See attached

2.  Open a Terminal window and run 'top'. Now reproduce the problem
again. While the problem is happening does 'top' report any process
using very high CPU?

All windows freeze.  Only the cursor moves.  "top" frozen.

3.  Follow these instructions to check for crashes:

/var/crash is empty
/var/lib/whoopsie/whoopsie-id ... reports 
that "No errors have been reported from this system"
Applied work around for bug 994921 and got same results (no crash)

### Additional Information ###
1.  In addition to becoming un-responsive, window also freeze ("top" stops 
reporting while hung, Graphic applications like performance monitor also 
2.  The "Settings" app shows a preview, when launched, it shows the current 
desktop.  When selecting a different background, sometimes the preview will 
update (but freezes before updating the desktop), and sometimes the preview 
will not update.
3.  After reboot, timing the hang, it takes about 16 minutes to become 
responsive again.  However, a second settings change took as little as 90 
seconds.  Not enough evaluation has been done to determine if other factors are 
contributing to the timings (during the 90 second timing, I had tcpdump running 
and I pinged the machine from another machine during the hang).
4.  After reboot, running tcpdump during the hang, viewing with wireshark after 
responsiveness returns, I find that there is some normal looking network 
traffice, including connectivity checks outbound and normal responses received.

** Attachment added: "settings.txt"

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  System unresponsive to keyboard and mouse clicks when changing screen

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