Hi Felipe, all.

While I've been watching this all go by, I've not jumped in largely
due to being crazy-busy. Sorry about that! While the crazy-busy
situation has not yet changed, I couldn't help but notice this:

> === 01. Which of the following images best resemble your desktop? ===
> (image selection)
>  - GNOME 2
>  - GNOME 3
>  - Unity
>  - KDE

I assume these images will have sufficient accessible descriptions
associated with them for users who are blind.

In that same spirit:

> Shall we start planning the deployment?

I have no opinion on this other than to say should deployment planning
indeed begin, would you mind pinging the Accessibility team along the
way? I'm sure it will all be fine and accessible, but I would hate to
make that assumption only for us to find out, upon deployment, that
something was missed regarding the survey instrument, the
notifications, etc.

Thanks! Take care.
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