Michael, Ray,

That's a nice discussion to have, but a goal on the initiative was to try to 
match what we have now (with the inherited niceties for those workflow/use 
cases), with the less disruption possible, while keeping the "nice things we 
could do" for a later case-by-case evaluation.

My motivation is to not derive the discussion into details of what we could do, 
but rather keep on the big change and what blockers/concerns/disruptions could 

Best regards,
Carlos Soriano

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It's quite hard to get commit access atm because you have to be
trusted initially. If a maintainer can give commit access to one repo
he/she watches anyway there is less trust needed in the beginning. Or
if a new contributor wants to take over an abandoned project.

is that true? I mean you have to have someone with commit access vouch for you 
but that's a pretty low bar. I don't think it should be any lower than that, 
but I also wouldn't want to see it higher than that. GNOME has had open ACLs 
from the beginning and it's a good thing! There's no evidence of abuse, we 
shouldn't go locking everything down just because we can.

IMO, there should be three access tiers:
1) Can report issues and propose fixes
2) Can triage issues
3) Can fix issues

Anything more granular than that is a bad idea. It just introduces artificial 
barriers that people will run into. (What happens when a maintainer goes AWOL ?)

Let's keep things open like we always have!
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