Hmm, removed and reinstalled the Snap and it's fine now. Would have to
test installing the Snap on 16.04 and then upgrading to 16.10 to see if
it's reproducible that way. If it's not then would have to try finding
revision 6 and installing that then upgrading that (and trying rev 6 on
16.04 and then upgrading to 16.10 and rev 7) to see if that reproduces
the bug.

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  LibreOffice Snap ( (rev 7) - after upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10)

Status in libreoffice package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Thanks to Snappy being awesome, all you have to do to get the LibreOffice 
Snap to work again is to use the command `snap revert libreoffice` :D Would be 
nice if this was possible in Ubuntu Software but anyway - thanks Snappy! :D 
(This reverts LibreOffice to version (rev 6) which doesn't segfault)


  Upgraded from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 16.10 yesterday. The LibreOffice
  Snap no longer runs successfully. Running it as suggested on the
  LibreOffice website ( in
  Terminal results in the following error:

  $ /snap/bin/libreoffice
  Segmentation fault

  Not sure if this is the right place to report the bug but I don't know
  of a channel specifically intended to report bugs with Snaps (I
  reported other bugs with the Snappy build of LibreOffice on the TDF
  Bugzilla but they said it's not their bug
  presumably because although it's intended that the developers of each
  program make their own Snaps, it's actually Ubuntu who snap

  Would use `ubuntu-bug` to report the bug and automatically give logs
  etc, but `ubuntu-bug /snap/bin/libreoffice` doesn't work and `ubuntu-
  bug libreoffice` would just get logs for the Deb build of LibreOffice.
  Should I report that as a bug/feature request for ubuntu-bug? If
  there's any logs I should manually get then please ask me to get them.

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