last Weekend I tried to enable a custom option pane for my extension project. After some research a found the following helpful resources:


So I added three files to my project. One for configuration data (*.xcu), one for the configuration schema (*.xcs) and a dialog file (*.xdl). Then I added the entries for the .xcu and .xcs files to the uno-extension-manifest. But it seems that the NetBeans Plugin ignores my custom .xcs and .xcu files. When I deploy the project, both files are missing in the .oxt package and I get an error when I want to add the extension in the extension manager. Of course I can add the files manually to the .oxt package, but thats annoying. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

BTW: I also have also a description file and it is also missing in the .oxt package?


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