A small update: I corrected the paths to the .xcs / .xcu files and now both files will be included in the generated .oxt file. I have now a new leaf in the writer options as I should be, but the dialog elements from the referred .xdl file are still missing.

Is there a way to debug this problem?


Juergen Schmidt wrote:
Hi Benjamin,

well it depends where you add the files in your project. With the old plugin it should work if the files are in the <project>/src directory.

You should use the latest plugin (2.0.1, not available via the update center so far) and you should create the xcu/xcs files with the new file wizard. The plugin will create the files under a new directory registry/[data/**/*.xcu|schema/**/*.xcs]. The reason for that is first a clear separation of related office only files. And take care of the package name in the xcu file. For example for an options page it should be <project>/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/OptionsDialog.xcu The reason for this is a potentially easier integration in the open office build and localization process.

I will provide a detailed step by step example online asap (part of my oocon workshop).

I will upload the 2.0.1 plugin in the file section of the api project later today. After some more testing we will provide it via the NB update center as well.


Benjamin Vollmer wrote:

last Weekend I tried to enable a custom option pane for my extension project. After some research a found the following helpful resources:


So I added three files to my project. One for configuration data (*.xcu), one for the configuration schema (*.xcs) and a dialog file (*.xdl). Then I added the entries for the .xcu and .xcs files to the uno-extension-manifest. But it seems that the NetBeans Plugin ignores my custom .xcs and .xcu files. When I deploy the project, both files are missing in the .oxt package and I get an error when I want to add the extension in the extension manager. Of course I can add the files manually to the .oxt package, but thats annoying. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

BTW: I also have also a description file and it is also missing in the .oxt package?


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