Benjamin Vollmer wrote:

Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
I send a NB project to your mail (you may have to correct the library
dependency, as I'm working on a OOo 3.1).

Thanks Ariel. I finally get it to work. My Conclusion: Only with the informations from dev guide it is impossible to implement an extension with an option dialog. I had several problems, here is the short summarize for the list:

- I didn't understand that the main class from the nb addon project must implement the XContainerWindowEventHandler interface. I used a seperate class for this because in the dev guide it seems to be also a standalone class, but this class was never instantiated.
mmh, seems that we can improve it. The problem is that the example in the Devguide uses an addon to make use of the own configuration entries. This of course is not necessary. Improtant is that you need an own implementation (service UNO oject) that implements XContainerWindowEventHandler. This of course can be created by the plugin with the new file type wizard for UNO objects ... I will publish a complete lab with 5 detailed examples realted to extension development in Java with NetBeans next week. It's my lab from the OOCon this year and i will do one last review before i will publish it.

- The dev guide has an advice to use own package names and not "org.openoffice.Office" but obviously some xcu and xcs files must have this package name (e.g. the OptionsDialog.xcu where the path to the .xdl is defined).
mmh, i think you simply have misunderstand it. You use an already defined configuration schema to hook your options page into the office. That of course is org.openoffice.Office.OptionsDialog. You can't change this. The DevGuide means that you should define your own schema with your own package name for your own configuration entries.

- J├╝rgen said it make sense to use a folder structure like "/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/" for the data-configuration files. But my experience is that for the OptionsDialog.xcu this doesn't work. The refered .xdl Dialog will only be displayed when the OptionsDialog.xcu is in the root folder of the extension.
sorry, my mistake i forgot to explain this little detail around %origin% ;-) But Steffen and Christian have already explained it. We should introduce a further variable %oxtroot% or something like that expands to the package root directory ...



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