We use OpenOffice to create the text of Classified Ads using a client
side Uno interface and OO-side OoBasic macros. We are saving Office2
documents using the SXW filter til all customers are migrated from


We mark pending graphics by creating a target instance of
"com.sun.star.drawing.RectangleShape" using an OoBasic macro, and
re-setting properties from the client via Uno; specifically the
'draw:name' property is set to "<PendingGraphicKey>, <GraphicId>". I
find that the SXW filter removes the 'draw:name="xxx"' property when
saving 00-2.4 documents. The pending graphic key is now missing.


== OoBasic

Sub createIRES (iWidth as Integer, iHeight as Integer)

       on Error goto ErrorHandler

       oVCursor =

       oCursor = nxGetThisComponent().getText().createTextCursor()


       oRectShape =

       ' Set the name of the shape as 'IRES' to differentiate with other
RectangleShape objects

       oRectShape.Name = "IRES"




== Uno test for pending graphic

    private boolean isIRES(XShape xShape) throws EditorDisposedException

        boolean isIRES = false;

        if ((xShape !=null) &&
xShape.getShapeType().equals("com.sun.star.drawing.RectangleShape") try

                XPropertySet xProperties = getPropertySet(xShape);

                String name =

                if ((name != null) && !name.equals("IRES")) {

                   isIRES = true;



        catch (DisposedException ex) { throw new
EditorDisposedException(editor);  }

        catch (Throwable tr) { caught(tr, true); }

        return isIRES;



OO-2.4 documents saved via the SXW filter fail this test


Executing the macro under OO-2.4 and saving the document as ODT and as
SXW and viewing the content.xml show that the 'draw:name="xxx"' element
is saved in ODT and not in SXW.

Executing the macro under OO-1.1.3 and saving the document (SXW) always
saves the 'Draw:name="xxx"'.


Is this a known problem?

Is there a fix in a later version of oo-2.4 (including Portuguese.Brazil


John Sisson




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