Hi John,

In OpenOffice 1.1.x the property Name of a shape in Writer is not shown by the user interface but it can be found and displayed by macro.

I can confirm your observation, using OpenOffice 3.0 and 1.1.5. You don't need macros to reproduce.

Create a Writer document in 3.0, add a shape, name it (with user interface).
Save the document in ODF format : doc2.odt file.
Save as OOo 1.1 format :  doc1a.sxw file.

Open doc2.odt file with 1.1.5. The name can be displayed by macro.
Save as OOo 1.1 format : doc1b.sxw file.

With OpenOffice 3.0, open the doc1a.sxw file : the name is an empty string.
With OpenOffice 3.0, open the doc1b.sxw file : the name is still here.

IMHO, since the name is the only way to retrieve a particular shape among several shapes, it is a severe regression.
Perhaps a solution to your problem is using OOo 1.1.5 to save in sxw format.


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