The Monday meeting was moved to Tuesday this week because of Thanksgiving
in Canada. The UX/PM discussion was brief because Ryan Feeley was unable to

   - content-server memory usage grows much more quickly with Node 4.6 than
   Node 0.10. Vlad and I have been trying to track down leaks, work continues.
   Possibly related [1][2].

   - I opened 3 large PRs to convert from ES5->ES2015 which caused some
   consternation. I promise to do a max of one of these types of PRs per train
   from now on. I'm glad this conversation happened because it's easy to go
   overboard with changes like this.

   - Vlad's work on the Devices/Apps view continues, the apps portion of
   the PR needs tested and reviewed. I have done the review and need to
   further test. [3]

   - We are going to ship the devices view to 30% of users so that we can
   collect more metrics on how it's being used.

   - Signin unblock work continues. As of the meeting on Tuesday, only one
   PR had merged, fast forward to today and all but 2 have merged. [4][5]

   - The Yarn package manager from Facebook has been released. [6] It
   promises faster performance and safer installation. In reality it is
   blazing fast, the content server installs in about 60 seconds with a cold
   cache and 20 seconds with a warm cache. Unfortunately it breaks the
   functional tests.

   - We are still hashing out the format of the Toronto meetup to take
   place on Oct 31st-Nov 4th. The theme is "getting multi-device users".
   Several proposals are on the table, we should be able to further plans
   after working through the feature backlog in tonight's meeting.

   - We have a lot of potential Outreachy participants coming into the
   channel asking for help installing fxa-local-dev. Pretty much the entire
   team has helped the contributors move forward, but the obvious question is
   can we make the installation process better?


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