Hey all, we just had our regular Thursday FxA front-end meeting.

I don't have a link to the recording or know where to get it from, but I'm
confident that one of my excellent compadres will reply to this email with
the link on my behalf.

I do have notes though. These are they:

* Toronto work week:
   * the focus is on increasing our number of multi-device users
   * accommodation has been booked
   * there should be an iOS engineer available to work with the team
   * lunch arrangements not yet made

* content server node 4 memory growth:
   * Shane has been trying to reproduce by repeatedly sending invalid
metrics data using gobench:
      * 500 concurrent clients for an hour at a time
      * memory usage grows and latency increases, then GC kicks in to clear
up and it never goes above 260 mb after that
   * jrgm has seen a difference in behaviour between the 70.2 and 70.3
      * 70.2 consistently shows the problem, 70.3 doesn't
      * the difference is not service-impacting, milliseconds in latency
      * this is the only code change:
         * https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/commit/
      * train 71 is imminent, maybe magick fixed it

* train 72 strings will be cut tomorrow:
   * Shane has the only changes
   * Shane to cut strings
   * train 72 will be cut early next week

* lots of content server tests are not being run in travis:
   * Fx 40 barfs on `let`, those tests are silently dropped then the other
tests pass
   * Shane tried to update to Fx 46, that made all(?) the tests fail
   * Fx 47+ known not to work with Selenium WebDriver
   * Vijay is happily working with Fx 45 and Selenium 2.51
   * Shane uses Fx 46 and Selenium 2.53 locally
   * we need to make travis fail if Fx bails out
   * can we look at babelizing the tests?

* fxadeploybox needs to be updated for sign-in unblock
   * does only Vlad have permission to do this?
   * or is the box borked?
      * jrgm authenticated with ssh -vvv but then got logged out
immediately, maybe a sign that the disk is full
   * Shane proposes that we just set up a new box

* sign-in unblock
   * only 2 PRs left, 1 content server, 1 fxa-dev
   * we need all the tests to be fixed first, hence Shane addressing those
at the moment

* fxa-dev boxes can run node 6 now

* teamcity runs tests in node 6 now

* yarn is the new npm hotness
   * content server install with a cold cache takes 59 seconds
   * content server install with a warm cache takes 20 seconds
   * the post-yarn functional tests don't work yet
   * jrgm broke yarn when he tried it with the auth server

* there was something about a CSP bug and a fix to do with unicode
   * I was typing and not paying attention

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