Hi All,

Coming up at 13:30 Pacific time, we'll be having our weekly Show & Tell
& Share as we close out development on train-72.  If you've got
something to share, please add yourself to the etherpad for scheduling


After that at 14:00 Pacific, we'll do a waffleboard scrub and lunch into
planning for train-73.

As a reminder, we're focusing on closing out the spillovers from our
work in Q3 work, which I believe has three things that are nearing

  * Shipping the initial version of sign-in unblock
  * Completing the first round of work on flow metrics
  * Shipping phase 2 of the devices view

And then spinning up work on our first "tactic" for improving the
success rate:

  * IP profiling to avoid sign-in confirmation

The plan is to put 2-3 dedicated folks on this for the train-73 cycle,
and see how far we can get towards moving the sign-in-success-rate
needle.  Let's chat about the details in the meeting.


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