Hi All,

Earlier today we had our weekly FxA Product meeting, our second one
driven by the new Features Pipeline Spreadsheet.  The recording is
available here:


But you might like to skip the first minute or so where we giggle about
sharing the wrong tabs on vidyo. Anyways...

This week we focused in on our first Key Result for Q4, which is:

  * Increase Sync sign-in success rate by 10%

And in particular, we gut-checked the scoring for the three top-ranked
features in the pipeline for this KR:

  * Scanning QR codes for mobile login
  * IP-profling to avoid sign-in confirmation
  * Datadog alerts on unexpected changes in the success rate

The end result was strong agreement that IP-profiling of login attempts
is the most promising feature for impacting this KR, and we'll form a
sub-team to work on this in earnest in the train-73 cycle.

Luckily for us, Sean and Vijay already did a bunch of prep-work for this
feature in Q3 :-)

In other feature-board-related news, we:

* Moved the "node4 upgrade" card into "done", and there was much

* Wrote updates along the lines of "this will probably definitely be
  done by next week's meeting" in several other features.

That last one might sound like a cop-out but it really is true!  There's
a bunch of good stuff about to land and ship this cycle, nicely timed to
clear things out of "building" and make room for the new incoming features.

Catch you all next week,


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