Hi All,

Tomorrow from 12:30 Pacific we'll have our usual array of Monday meetings,
rescheduled this week to the Tuesday due to a Canadian holiday.  First,
we'll have our weekly show-and-tell session, so if you've got something
you'd like to share please add yourself to the list here:


Following that at 13:00 Pacific, we'll have our fortnightly sprint-planning
session.  This quarter we're trying to maintain a more explicit agenda, so
we'll touch on:

  * Any upcoming PTO or other outages that might affect this coming cycle?
  * Review any outstanding items assigned to train-93 [1] and decide what
to do with them.
  * Review progress and update confidence on our Q3 OKRs [2]
  * Go through the waffleboard [3] and triage active work
  * Ensure that big-ticket items for train-94 are appropriate tagged and

See you there!



[1] https://waffle.io/mozilla/fxa-sprint-planning
[3] https://waffle.io/mozilla/fxa?
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