I'm faced with a UI problem concerning screen sharing dialog in FF 59. This 
dialog offers two options : "Allow" and "Don't Allow" and a checkbox Remember 
this decision.

First of all, the checkbox is useless, if checked, "Allow" is disabled and 
"Firefox can not allow permanent access to you screen" text appears. The only 
alive button rest is "Don't allow". 

If an user select "Don't allow", then the dialog does no more appear at all.
The user should find some icon left to the URL field and unblock sharing first. 

Worse, this dialog is called in my app from another dialog which selects the 
object type to be shared - screen or window.

What I wish to have 
- best of all an ability to create my own dialog with needed options and 
buttons (Cancel instead of "Don't Allow")
- or ability to disable "Don't Allow" button
- or ability to programmatically cancel screen sharing blocking
- or at least let the script know if it's blocked or not

Would you advise something ?


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