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> On Apr 11, 2018, at 07:03, Juan Navarro <juan.nava...@gmx.es> wrote:
> I'm aware of Firefox Platform Status (https://platform-status.mozilla.org/) 
> but I'd like to know if there are other sources of information for updates on 
> the Firefox WebRTC features; maybe some place where announcements are made 
> just like the PSAs done in the discuss-webrtc group 
> (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/discuss-webrtc)
> For example, a month ago I wanted to track implementation of the 
> RTCRtpSender.replaceTrack() method. For Chrome this was easy: their Platform 
> Status website had (still has) an entry called "RTCRtpSender.replaceTrack" 
> where it stated that the planned release version would be 65; and also the 
> discuss-webrtc group has (coincidentally today in the first position) an 
> entry named "PSA: replaceTrack() shipping in M65", where they give more 
> detail.
> However, in Mozilla's Platform Status website there are no results for either 
> "replaceTrack", "RTCRtpSender", or "RTCRtpSender.replaceTrack". There are not 
> many useful results either in this google group. However I'm pretty sure the 
> replaceTrack feature has been developed between Firefox versions 58 and 59: 
> in Firefox 58, sender.replaceTrack(null) wasn't supported, but in Firefox 59 
> this call started working. So, support for a 'null' argument has been added.
> I just would like to know if there would have been some resource where I 
> could have known ahead of time (say a month ago) that this feature was going 
> to be added to Firefox 59. Same for other similar features.

Let me start with pointing out that we try to publish Firefox WebRTC Release 
Notes shortly after a new version of Firefox gets started. For example for 
Firefox you can find them here 
And for the current Firefox Beta 60 they are here 

In the future I’ll try to send out emails to this list when new release notes 
are available.

Normally I would also point you at MDN for documentation of features in 
Firefox. But it seems that the documentation for replaceTrack() is actually 
missing in there - I notified our MDN folks about it.

In terms of your specific issue my guess is that it is a side effect of 
Transceivers becoming available in Firefox 59, and not specific work on 

And lastly we encourage everyone working on or with WebRTC to always test with 
Firefox Nightly or at lest Beta to ensure their products keep working with 
browser implementations which try to keep up with the changing WebRTC spec as 
good as they can.

Best regards
  Nils Ohlmeier

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