There's also MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT, which is fatal in pre-release builds
but not release ones. It can be a good compromise to find bugs in the wild
when the performance cost is probably negligible but you're still not quite
comfortable shipping it on release. I added it last year while working on
stability for the media stack, and found it very useful.


On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 9:28 PM, Nicholas Nethercote <
> wrote:

> Greetings,
> Assertions, such as MOZ_ASSERT, are great. But they only run in debug
> builds.
> Release assertions, such as MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT, run in all builds.
> I want to highlight a nice case where converting a normal assertion
> into a release assertion was a win. In bug 1159244 Michael Layzell did
> this in nsTArray::ElementAt(), to implement a form of always-on array
> bounds checking. See
> for
> discussion of how this is finding real bugs in the wild. (As well as
> identifying new bugs, it's also helping understand existing crash
> reports, e.g. see bug 1291082 where the crash signature changed.)
> Obviously we can't convert every normal assertion in the codebase into
> a release assertion. But it might be worth thinking about which normal
> assertions are good candidates for conversion. Good candidates include
> any assertion where the consequence of failure is dangerous, e.g.
> might cause memory access violations.
> Nick
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