On 2016年09月22日 17:33, Mark Banner wrote:
> On 22/09/2016 08:44, ISHIKAWA,chiaki wrote:
>> 3:07:56     INFO -  1474488476446    addons.xpi-utils    WARN
>> addMetadata: Add-on specialpow...@mozilla.org is invalid: Error: Invalid
>> addon ID: expected addon ID specialpow...@mozilla.org, found
>> special-pow...@mozilla.org in manifest  ...
>> I am not sure if this comes from the intended test.
>> Rather it looks a configuration error.
>> The error line seems to appear at beginning of the selected run of each
>> test directory.
> ...
>> cf. 3 results from the comm-central tree:
>> mozilla/testing/specialpowers/Makefile.in
>> ♢7 XPI_PKGNAME = specialpow...@mozilla.org
> Looks like this is different from what is specified in
> testing/specialpowers/install.rdf - which is the dashed version, and was
> introduced when it was rewritten last year.
> The simplest thing is probably to change the install.rdf to remove the dash
> as then it wouldn't be changing the file name on disk - and also update the
> other couple of instances in the tree. Probably worth a running through a
> few tests on try just to make sure as well.
> The test infrastructure has probably got away with it due to the next
> warning of "Could not uninstall invalid item from locked install location",
> so it kept on using it.
> Mark

By changing a few install.rdf as suggested, the particular error messages
are gone, but
I now see different failures.


I am testing other patches as well, the particular patch to modify
install.rdf is

I will investigate more to see if the new errors are due to my changes or
a regression caused by a later change to M-C, etc.

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