On 23/09/2016 05:01, ishikawa wrote:
On 2016年09月23日 11:42, ishikawa wrote:

By changing a few install.rdf as suggested, the particular error messages
are gone, but
I now see different failures.


I am testing other patches as well, the particular patch to modify
install.rdf is

I will investigate more to see if the new errors are due to my changes or
a regression caused by a later change to M-C, etc.

The new errors are obviously related to my change.

inline void

So where is CrashIfNotInAutomation() called?

Did you look at the IsInAutomation() function?


That's clearly checking a preference that is expected for automation. Looking at the tree, it gets set to true for most (probably all) of the tests that Firefox runs:


This probably means that the Thunderbird specific MozMill builders should either not be installing the special powers add-on (which I suspect is hard), or they should also be setting the pref to true.

I changed only these:

There's no need to include a full diff when you've already linked to it.

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