Can you provide any details (either inline, or a sampling of links) to
summarize the broader concerns that might not be encapsulated in the
document itself?

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 9:46 PM, L. David Baron <> wrote:

> A W3C Proposed Recommendation is available for the membership of W3C
> (including Mozilla) to vote on, before it proceeds to the final
> stage of being a W3C Recomendation:
>   HTML 5.1
>   W3C TR draft:
>   W3C Editor's draft:
>   deadline: Thursday, October 13, 2016
> If there are comments you think Mozilla should send as part of the
> review, please say so in this thread.  (I'd note, however, that
> there have been many previous opportunities to make comments, so
> it's somewhat bad form to bring up fundamental issues for the first
> time at this stage.)
> Note that this specification is somewhat controversial for various
> reasons, mainly related to the forking of the specification from the
> WHATWG copy, the quality of the work done on it since the fork, and
> some of the particular modifications that have been made since that
> fork.
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