Update: I have a fix applied for new data ingestion, but existing results are still somewhat busted. It will take some time for a cleanup script to work through the existing data (maybe a day?) but meanwhile (new results) from try should be sane, so if you were waiting on this to push some talos jobs, please go ahead. :)

I'll make another announcement when everything is ok.


On 2016-10-11 9:59 PM, William Lachance wrote:
Hey all,

Due to an unfortunate bug that went undiscovered until we migrated to
Heroku last week, Perfherder currently isn't giving reliable results.
I hope to have this fixed within the next couple of days
(https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1309294). No data should
be lost, so we'll be able to catch up on Talos regressions, etc. at that

I apologize for any inconvenience,


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