On 2017-08-05 10:49 AM, ISHIKAWA, Chiaki wrote:
However, I am not sure if the cache is working correctly.

With ccache, we can specify a log file in the environment variable CCACHE_LOGFILE to specify. We can study the log file to see if
the cache is indeed working (hits, etc).

Is there an equivalent of CCACHE_LOGFILE with sccache?
There was no trace of such logfile in the directory specified by SCCACHE_DIR.

You can check whether `sccache -s` stats show any sccache activity after building Firefox.

Adding `mk_add_options "export RUSTC_WRAPPER=sccache"` to my mozconfig has no effect according to my `sccache -s` stats, but adding `export RUSTC_WRAPPER=sccache` to my .bash_profile seems to work.

Is there a way to make cargo output more verbose during mach build? `mach build --verbose` doesn't seem to affect cargo.
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