TLDR: Once bug 1387764 merges to mozilla-central, anybody running with
WebRender enabled on Linux will need to force-enable hardware
acceleration (layers.acceleration.force-enabled=true) to keep
WebRender enabled.

Long version:
Previously the check for enabling WebRender ignored the status of
hardware acceleration availability, and so WR was getting enabled even
if HWA was disabled. This was not great because it could result in
using unstable GPUs and such. This is corrected by the patch in bug

However, Linux has HWA disabled by default, so this means trying to
enable WR on Linux will not work by default. about:support should
indicate why, if this happens. To correct it, set
layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true on Linux, which will
force-enable HWA and allow WR to be enabled as well.

As a reminder, if you want to enable WR you can either set
gfx.webrender.enabled to true, or you can run with MOZ_WEBRENDER=1 in
your environment.

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