Kyle, do you know if Rust code coverage is blocked on any remaining Rust toolchain issues?


On 2017-08-10 11:31 AM, Kyle Lahnakoski wrote:

Did you have that sense you were missing something? Well, you were right: You were missing your ...

# *Monthly CodeCoverage! update!  \o/ *

/If you //want to hear more about an//y of the//s//e items, please contact me and I will get you more detailed information/*

*## **Summary of July*

  * *More hard work on the ETL pipeline*: Condensing the data to make
    it manageable, and writing more efficient code for faster
    processing. There is still more work to be done, but it's
    working.  Marco summarized this work with an excellent blog post:
  * *Analyzing coverage variability* - If you recall from previous
    months, I mentioned that different coverage runs show different
    coverage numbers: We call this "coverage variability", and it even
    exists when comparing two runs from the same revision. gmierz has
    been looking into this variability to better understand its size,
    and character. [2], [3]
  * *Finished detailed the plan for the MVP *[4] - This MVP is for
    visualizing coverage of net-new lines: Relman is interested in the
    coverage on the net-new lines of every changeset  This is hard
    given we can only run coverage on every central push. We now have
    a plan for how to get this done, as best as possible, with the
    information given.

*## Plans for August*

  * *Build the MVP* - Visualize coverage of net new lines by
    changeset: Now that we have a plan,  armenzg has already started
    the frontend UI work [5], [6], and will be working with marco
    working on the backend [7]
  * *Continue work on optimizing the ETL pipelines* - necessary work *

**## Meetings*

We have weekly CodeCoverage meetings, and you are welcome to attend:

  * When: Held every Friday @ 11:30 EDT (08:30 PDT)
  * Where: Kyle's video room
  * Etherpad:

*## Reference*

[1] Blog post on coverage collection and aggregation:

[2] Variability analysis code -

[3] Example variability output -

[4] Details for UI -

[5] Code for UI -

[6] Example UI (very rough, but stay tuned!) -

[7] Code for backend -

On 2017-07-06 21:37, Kyle Lahnakoski wrote:

## Summary of Past Quarter

Coverage is enabled for nearly all tests, and scheduled every push [1]!!

  * All c/c++ test suites have coverage enabled
  * talos coverage is enabled
  * jsvm[7] coverage is enabled, and running
  * [2] shows the results, broken down by directory

## Plans for Q3

The overall plan for Q3 is laid out in the planning document [12].  Put simply, a **coverage differential viewer**, operating at low resolution (per central push), has enough promise to justify Q3 effort on CodeCoverage.

## The Complications

  * Rust code coverage is still delayed [6] - maybe by mid quarter
  * The data volume is very large; and are
    having some difficulty dealing with the volume.
  * There is instability in the coverage numbers due to variability
    in our test runs; think GC and telemetry logic.  Multiple
    coverage runs will be required to get a total coverage number
  * Intermittents are impacting coverage reliability - we will
    require a coverage health monitor to know if coverage is "complete"

## Summary of this past June

  * upgrading tests to use Ubuntu 16.04
  * fixing blockers that stood in the way of rust coverage[6]
  * enabling coverage to even more suites, like talos [10]
  * adding JavaScript to the codecov/coveralls report
  * getting a handle on the volume of data code coverage is producing

## Plans for July

  * continued work on ETL pipeline
  * enable coverage for spidermonkey [11]
  * see the first hints of Rust coverage
  * build a coverage health monitor to deal with "the complications"

## Meetings

We have weekly CodeCoverage meetings, and you are welcome to attend:

  * When: Held every Friday @ 11:30 EDT (08:30 PDT)
  * Where: Kyle's video room
  * Etherpad:

## Reference

[1] See coverage on TH

[1b] Example on TH:


[3] Local Coverage <>)

[4] iOS Coverage

[5] User Cases

[6] Rust coverage and

[7] JSVM coverage:

[8] e10s coverage example:

[9] Everything:

[10] talos coverage:

[11] spidermonkey coverage: <>

[12] Planning document: <>

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