On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 2:11:02 AM UTC-8, Gijs Kruitbosch wrote: 
> In the further future, I expect this type of problem will go away 
> entirely because of Fluent.

That's correct! Fluent brings the concept of DOM Overlays which allow for safe 
mixing between developer provided DOM fragments and localization.

We're currently completing the feature set of DOM Overlays to allow for element 
ordering (to allow translations to reorder elements in a localizable fragment), 
but the core functionality is in tree and is used in the current migration of 
Preferences to Fluent.

It's all sanitized and safe following W3C localization guidelines. :)

p.s. the timeline for when you'll be able to use Fluent is a bit in flux. We're 
currently testing Fluent migrating Preferences to it and need a bit more time 
to gain confidence that all parts of the system are ready - we wouldn't want 
you to start using it for your component and then have to tell you to stop, 
because some feature is not ready yet. Hope to unblock Fluent for new code soon!
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