In bug 1405087 I intend to remove the "enabled" and "disabled" values of the -moz-user-input property.

The reasoning for this is because they're slightly broken in presence of dynamic changes (see the bug), and their usage seems low / web-compat risk seems not too high.

In particular, I could only a couple legit uses of -moz-user-input: disabled that weren't either commented out or broken (using "moz-user-input" instead of "-moz-user-input"). Of those uses, all of them were part of the jQuery iButton plugin:


Which I've verified works fine with my patches.

-moz-user-input: enabled works exactly the same as -moz-user-input: auto, which is the default, and thus only changes behavior if it's specified under something that has -moz-user-input: disabled / none.

Again, only legit use case of this I found (within a -moz-user-input: disabled / none element) was the mentioned jQuery plugin, which works just fine without those.

If we happen to find web-compat fallout from this we can consider re-introducing them / aliasing them to the other values, I guess, and just remove our internal usage, but I think it's worth trying to remove them in light of the above.

 -- Emilio
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