Axel Hecht wrote:
One thing I'm missing is the ability to do mono-repo imports. Say we want to vendor in

i'm not sure i understand the specific concerns around mono-repos; you can use exclude/include to perform a selective import.

since fluent.js is a node project i suspect the best option right now is to manually vendor the externally built jsm artefacts, with a minimal moz.yaml documenting the source.

once we support node in-tree we can revisit how best to deal with automatic vendoring of the source.

For js libraries, we might also want to pay attention to .npmignore (others already mentioned hg, so also .hgignore).

i'm not sure how this is relevant. why would there be files in the source repo that have been excluded from source control?

There's no spec what happens with patches that fail to apply, or failed run_after scripts.

vendoring would require all steps to be successful.

Do we intend to do something if the LICENSE changes? Also, what are we supposed to do if the vendored code doesn't have a LICENSE file?

currently you can't just vendor anything into mozilla-central; there's a list of compatible licenses. moz.yaml will make it possible to audit and later enforce that vendored code honours our licensing requirements. this already happens for rust crates. is the point of contact for these sorts of issues.

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