this should be: for the full specification.

This format is essentially assuming the vendored code comes from a VCS
repository. We have plenty of third party code that is imported through
upstream tarballs, so this should probably be accounted for.

we can certainly support tarballs at a later stage. i've expanded the comment for the url field to indicate it can point any location, with the limitations applying to automated vendoring.

How does this fit with rust vendoring? Most if not all the information
from your proposed moz.yaml is available in Cargo.toml. Do we need to
duplicate this? Does mach vendor rust need to create moz.yaml files from
Cargo.toml when it does the vendoring?
i don't think there's a need to duplicate the information that's in Cargo.toml. if this pans out to be problematic moz.yaml generation during rust vendoring sounds viable.

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