I agree with ekr in general, but I would also be curious to discover
what failures we would experience in practice and how we could
overcome them.

I think many of the issues experienced with local builds are
preventable by doing a TC-like build; just build in a docker container
(for Linux/Mac) and auto-build any toolchains needed. (Which would be
part of bisect in the cloud automatically.) I've been doing this
locally lately and it is not a friendly process right now though.

Of course on Windows it's an entirely different story. But one more
reason to pursue clang-cl builds on Linux ;)


On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 12:53 PM, Randell Jesup <rjesup.n...@jesup.org> wrote:
>>On 5/11/18 7:06 PM, Gregory Szorc wrote:
>>> Artifact retention and expiration boils down to a
>>> trade-off between the cost of storage and the convenience of accessing
>>> something immediately (as opposed to waiting several dozen minutes to
>>> populate the cache).
>>Just to be clear, when doing a bisect, one _can_ just deal with local
>>builds.  But the point is that then it takes tens of minutes per build as
>>you point out.  So a bisect task that might otherwise take 10-15 minutes
>>total (1 minute per downloaded build) ends up taking hours...
> Also (as others have pointed out) going too far back (often not that
> far) may run you into tool differences that break re-building old revs.
> Hopefully you don't get variable behavior, just a failure-to-build at
> some point.  I'm not sure how much Rust has made this worse.
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