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> Hi
> On 12/05/2018 04:47, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
>> Just to be clear, when doing a bisect, one _can_ just deal with local
>> builds.  But the point is that then it takes tens of minutes per build as
>> you point out.  So a bisect task that might otherwise take 10-15 minutes
>> total (1 minute per downloaded build) ends up taking hours...
> I've found it pretty difficult to build old versions once past a couple of
> months. Different version of rustc, dev tools not yet supported
> (particularly on Windows with requirements to always use the last version
> of Visual Studio

​Just a note about using an older version of rustc: the "rustup override"
command can be used to downgrade the rust toolchain for a given repo while
not affecting the version that is used on the rest of the system. That can
be handy when trying to build older trees.

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