Thanks Kris for all this information and the beginning of the first issue
of this newsletter!

2018-07-10 20:19 GMT+02:00 Kris Maglione <>:

> The problem is thus: In order for site isolation to work, we need to be
> able to run *at least* 100 content processes in an average Firefox session

I've seen this information of 100 content processes in a couple places but
i haven't been able to find the rationale for it. How was the 100 number
picked? Would 90 prevent a release of project fission?
How will the rollout happen?
   Will the rollout happen progressively (like 2 content processes soon, 4
soon after, 10 some time after, etc.) or does it have to be 1 (current
situation IIUC) then 100?

* Andrew McCreight created a tool for tracking JS memory usage, and figuring
>   out which scripts and objects are responsible for how much of it
>   (
How often is this code run? Is there a place to find the daily output of
this tool applied to a nightly build for instance?

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